Let me introduce myself.

I'm a University of Waterloo student with a passion for user experience and a thirst for product management. I tend to let my curiosity lead me to my ventures and so far, it has been a pretty awesome ride.
But keep reading, it's going to get a little bit more interesting!

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I'm obsessed with

learning new things and building solutions to everyday problems. Away from the magical box, I'm a devoted kick boxer, a relatively consistent darts thrower, and a slightly competitive badminton player. I am also a huge foodie - and I mean huge. I enjoy keeping myself on my toes and allow my curiosity to take me on adventures.

Dev & Design

I am a mobile-first kind of guy and spent a lot of time building apps with elegant designs and intuitive UX. I am passionate about simple and minimalistic UIs and believe where there is creative freedom in design, there is innovation. Here’s my design portfolio, hackathon projects and android games I worked on that you might find odd or intriguing or both.

Product Buff:
make happen

I am stubborn on vision but flexible on details. I mainly run things agile but know that sometimes waterfall is a better path for empowering collaboration and effective development. With both determination and a sense of humor, I get out of bed everyday devoted and eager to building impactful products with a team of awesomely talented people.

Let's dive a little deeper.

I enjoy building awesome stuff with awesome people.

  • Hackathon Hacker

    I’ve been building on Android for awhile now and learning a ton of Swift for iOS. I’m an advocate for React Native but hey, that’s a conversation for another time. There’s definitely more stuff in the toolbox and feel free to look at some of my projects. I live the hackathon life (less so nowadays) so I’ll drop my Devpost here.

  • Product Manager

    I enjoy conceptualizing an idea, figuring out the road map, building a team, and executing the plan. Whether it is thru vigorous white boarding or extensive market research, I strive for absolute industry greatness and visionary leadership. Nothing beats bringing your baby to life.

  • Ventures

    I co-founded Zoo House with a few university buddies in 2016. We're a software lab that brings ideas to life and build solutions for the problems that we as regular people face everyday. Creators of LUQL.

  • Experiences

    I interned at EA as a product manager, NVIDIA as a product designer, Y Media Labs and Huiyuan LED as a product manager, Mappedin as a software engineer, and St. Joseph's Hospital as a QA! WIll be heading to Credit Karma as a Product Manager.

  • Blogs

    There's a few places where my mind roams free and my fingers speak. I write about everything from tech to everyday thoughts. It's somewhat interesting if you're into that kind of thing aha. Here's my Medium blog. I also answer a bit on Quora too.

  • Contact me

    For full-time and co-op inquiries, feel free to visit me on LinkedIn, Github, or directly email me! I promise I won't bite...unless you're a delicious cupcake then I'm definitely down.

Thanks for stopping by!

Feel free to contact me and lets be homies.